"I'm not a healer and I'm not a doctor," he would say, "I'm just a mechanic." -  Lauren Berry, legendary body worker and structural engineer.

I NOW HAVE A NEW WORK LOCATION IN NW DC. Please review your confirmation email after booking.


Scheduling is easy with Bookeo! Just click on the link above and choose the day and time you wish. I sometimes get requests for shorter massages but over the years, I have noticed that 60 minute massages feel rushed or sometimes incomplet. I price the standard, full and extended sessions competitively and I am confident that you will appreciate the full 90 min or 120 min session once you are on the table. If you have any issues with making an online appointment, please feel free to text or email your questions and I will assist you. I will follow-up with you as soon as possible to confirm your appointment. This is YOUR time to recover and relax so again, please let me know in advance how I can customize your session and make it the best and most comfortable experience possible.


My studio is on the second floor of my home in NW Washington DC. I have three friendly dogs but they are not present on the second floor during the massage. The room is filled with soft, natural light during the day and I use indirect lighting or candles during late afternoon and evening appointments. I use hypo-allergetic TheraPro gel and add a drop or two of scented oils. Upon your advanced request, I can make a specific formula just for you. The room is warm and my table is heated, and I add an additional layer of padding to the table for your comfort. I play a variety of music during the session and I own a fairly large music library. If you have a specific request, let me know the type of music you prefer before you arrive for the session. I have been requested to play everything from ocean waves to Trance - which was surprising good!

For new clients, I will ask you a few questions regarding your current medical health. During this time, you can review medications that you are taking; injuries you have recently experienced; places of soreness or tension that you would like addressed; and when you last received a massage. The information you share is confidential and it helps me to shape the best massage for your needs. You can also list any medical issues in the "special instructions" section when making your appointment. This saves time and gives me advanced notice on how to shape your massage session.

I then give the client the opportunity to undress in private and get on the table. The client can get undressed to their comfort level, but please note - any areas left covered will not be worked on or touched. I drape men with a towel and women with a sheet or blanket. When I return to the room, I start the session. At the end of the session, I will leave the room so you can get dressed. We then briefly discuss the session and you can provide some feedback. After a massage, people usually feel very relaxed and sometimes a little wobbly. This is normal and I usually recommend no strenuous activity for the remainder of the day.

A hard working triathlete takes a much deserved break on my table!