My goal is to offer athletes a personalized and complete plan that works within the framework of their life. Your current fitness level, goals, work schedule, and home life are just some of the factors that affect your ability to train successfully. Too often, people attempt to take a generic plan or program and make it their own. Sometimes, this works for some individuals. But often, the athlete is disappointed with the results and often with the process itself. A coach can provide a time efficient plan to get you to your goals; be a motivator and problem solver for you; keep you on-track and accountable for your training; and assist you to overcome all of the stumbling blocks that may be holding you back from being your best.

To make an appointment to discuss your questions on training SCHEDULE WITH BOOKEO


First, we will sit down together and do an assessment of where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go with your training. Together, we will formulate a training strategy. This strategy will guide me throughout the season to write your specific training plan. Next, you will choose the type of coaching plan you desire...a basic plan that guides your running, a group running plan that you and your friends can do together, an upgraded plan that helps with your multi sport goals, or a premium plan that includes more frequent one-on-one meetings and conversation about your training.

I use the online program Training Peaks to communicate this plan and to keep track of your progress. You will be responsible for recording your results and reporting your daily successes and challenges. While it is not required to have a heart rate (HR) device like Garmin, Polar or Suunto to monitor your workouts, it CAN make recording your stats much easier and more accurate. During the initial assessment, I can assist with set-up of your HR device and/or Training Peaks account. Consistent communication between coach and athlete is essential for success, so TrainingPeaks will be a great tool in maintaining that solid level of communication.

Personalized plans will be sent every month to Training Peaks. Periodized plans will sometimes push you and sometime require more recovery. All plans will include information on balanced nutrition and how to improve the mental skills needed for training and competing. The goal is to give you comprehensive information and training, and then get you to the start line in a healthy and prepared state. After that, it will be up to you to implement the training and knowledge you have gained for your race.

I also offer a written sixteen (16) week training plan for those Athletes looking for some structure to their training, but not the daily/weekly follow-up that Training Peaks provides.


It is as easy as setting up an appointment SCHEDULE WITH BOOKEO.  Come prepared with some notes on your previous race results; your goals and desired races for the upcoming season; and any information on limitations that you are facing (e.g. previous injuries, work demands, child care...).

That is all it takes to get started - that and a desire to be your best!


Ironman Boulder Finish Line 2014